About us

SUTI is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. SUTI is owned by its members. Please see member list for details.
The aim is to develop and maintain a standard for communication between a client and a provider in a demand responsive environment.
SUTI is owned by its current members and the standard is partly an open standard. The membership fee contains of two parts. It is a yearly membership fee of 150 Euro and a yearly service fee of 1350 Euro. The fees are decide each year in the members yearly meeting, normally held in beginning of march.
The organization is lead by a Board. The Board members are elected for a two year period. This process is also a part of the yearly member meeting.
The board appoints a Technical Committee for the task of developing and maintaining the standard.

Since start SUTI have really become a standard for communication in the Nordic countries. The SUTI standard is extensively used in the Nordic countries. More than 30 million demand responsive orders are yearly exchanged using the standard.
Besides developing the standard SUTI is also the host of two yearly meetings for actors in the demand responsive environment.